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CONTACTING THE COURT: How can I contact the Court?
Contact the Bailiff at 419-774-5571 or juryquestions@richlandcourtsoh.us. You will need to know the judge you are serving for and your date of service.

HEALTH PROBLEM:I have a health condition that would make it impossible or uncomfortable for me to serve at this time.
If you have a permanent or continuing medical problem, you will be dismissed with a doctor's excuse. Please obtain that medical excuse immediately and return it with your jury questionnaire. Your doctor can fax the medical excuse to the Court at 419-774-5516. This excuse MUST CONTAIN YOUR NAME AND YOUR DATE OF SERVICE in order for you to be excused.

If you have a medical condition that is not permanent and continuing, please call the appropriate judge's office to select a different date for your service and then put a note on your questionnaire reflecting the new date. Then fill out and return the questionnaire.

ELDERLY:I am 75 years of age or older, can I be excused from jury service?
If you are in good health, you are expected to fulfill your jury obligation. If you are not, please read the answer to the preceding question and follow those instructions.

SELF-EMPLOYED:I am self-employed, and there is no one to run my business while I do jury service. How can I fulfill my obligation?
Please call the appropriate judge's office to make specific arrangements for your service.

VACATION PLANS: I have a previously planned vacation with a deposit. Can I be transferred to a more convenient time period to fulfill my obligation?
Yes. Please call the judge's office to obtain a new date before sending in your questionnaire.

TEACHER:I am a teacher and would prefer to serve during the summer months. Is that possible?
Yes. Please call the judge's office to select a new date before returning the questionnaire.

COLLEGE STUDENT: I, or my son or daughter, is a full-time college student. How can I/they fulfill this obligation?
Please call the judge's office to reschedule your jury service before returning the questionnaire.

DON'T DRIVE:I do not drive or have difficulty driving at night.
Under certain circumstances the Sheriff's department will transport you to and from jury service. It is your responsibility to advise the Court if you do not drive.

FELONY CONVICTION:I have a felony conviction, am I eligible to serve?
If you have completed your term of probation or prison sentence, yes. You must advise the court if you are ineligible to serve.

DRESS:What should I wear for jury service?
Business attire is appropriate. Please do not wear shorts, tank tops, flip-flops or shirts with flippant or profane messages on them. You may want to bring a sweater or jacket.

PAY:How much will I be paid for my jury service?
Jurors in Richland County are paid $20 per day or $10.00 for a half day's service.

WHEN PAID: When do I get paid?
You will be paid at the end of your jury service, and your jury pay will be mailed to you in approximately three weeks.

SOLE CAREGIVER: I am the sole caregiver of my children, my spouse or my aged parent and canít leave them alone. Can I be excused?
Please call the appropriate judge's office to discuss your situation.

SELECTION:How was I selected for jury service?
ANSWER: You were drawn at random from the list of registered voters in Richland County.

EMPLOYER OBJECTIONS:Can my employer fire me or retaliate against me for taking off work to serve as a juror?
Ohio Revised Code 2313.18 states that no employer shall discharge or threaten to discharge any employee who is summoned to serve as a juror if the employee gives reasonable notice to the employer of the summons prior to the commencement of jury service and if the employee is absent because of the actual jury service.

WORK EXCUSE:Where can I get confirmation of my jury service to give to my employer?
Jury excuses are available from the courtroom bailiff.

FAILURE TO APPEAR: What happens if I don't show up for jury service?
Jury service is not voluntary but a civil duty. Persons who fail to appear for jury service after being summoned may be fined $500, receive 30-90 days in jail or both.

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