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County Administration Building

50 Park Avenue East Mansfield Ohio 44902

Welcome to the official website for the Courts of Richland County, OH

Please be advised that effective August 1, 2009, cash deposits as security for court costs shall be as listed below:

A. Domestic Relations Division

Divorce/Dissolution/Annulment Proceeding$300.00
Registry of Foreign Divorce Decree$160.00
Paternity Proceeding$160.00
Foreign Support Registry$160.00
Domestic Violence ProceedingNo Deposit Required
Answer to PleadingsNo Deposit Required
Answer & Cross Complaint$75.00
Motion for Change of Custody$145.00
Motion for Contempt (Only on Post Decree Motions)$145.00
Motions-Post Decree$125.00
Motion to Compel$125.00
Motion Re: Worker's Comp$60.00
Motion for Companionship When Filed as New Case$160.00
Complaint as a "New Case" for Change of Custody and/or Visitation$160.00

B. Miscellaneous

Appeal to the Court of Appeals$108.00
Certificate of Judgment (For Filing)$23.00
Certificate of Judgment (For Transfer)$10.00
Writ of Execution $50.00 + $500.00 Cash Bond$550.00
Notice to Appear & Answer (Debtor's Exam)$30.00
Subpoenas-Foreign Sheriff$40.00
Foreign Sheriff Service$40.00
Notice of Intent to Relocate$20.00

The Clerk of Court shall require, in addition to every initial filing fee, additional deposits in increments of $100 to be paid by the movant/complainant. In the event a pending matter involves proceedings initiated by multiple parties, each party shall bear equally the cost of additional deposits.